10 February, 2010

Really miss her.... :'(

Why i can't forget about her after what she done to me?
To me whats done is done and my solution for this is just forget about
her forever. its so sad when a friendship that suddenly change to
love is over. Can you imagine how sad me when third person
is the cause of this...rasa nak tumbuk jer budak tu..ARGHH!!!!

Every week maybe 2 or 3 times i will remember her each time
i sit, lay down my back, doing homework, and many such job
even it continue in my dream. Wow..i thought that i'm just forget
about her but i didnt..really miss her.
Each time open up my FB
and when new post or update from her, suddenly i will remember
her and our memory....i'm still keep our 'love stuff' that i bought
it everyday...don't know why???......hmmm

I really did a mistake to her that just a misunderstood and people
who didnt like our happiness. I'm too shy to face her when accidently
meet. Its enough if we could be friends again...'sigh'...(bodo la aku
ni asyik ingat die jer,gi la cari lain)...

err...talking about 'cari lain', i'm interested with this lady that also same
university n faculty with me...JENG JENG JENG.....hahaha but at this time
is not too serious, just like her as a friend..(ntah dah de bf ke blum
agaknye) hahahaha...

6 komen :

pak9 said...

perghhh jiwang kawan kta nih wahahaha. ;P

souledge said...

skali skala pe slhnye...ko pun pe kurangnye...jiwang jer memanjang kt FB hahaha...

hasni said...

dlm masa besedey2 sempat lagi suka sama org lain
apaka alnya ni
memang lelaki
awak kena cr kebaagiaan awk smula k
dun gv up!

souledge said...

hehehe...thanx...mesti cari lain punye baru la hidup tenang haha

FaFaFa said...

shah, fa pun depress jgk pasal love life ni. huhu. tapi, kite kena kuat ok! hahaaah :p
miss2 bwat masa skang ni still ada. tapi kena relax2 je k. hahah (poyo2 jer)


souledge said...

yeap,kene kuat..sbb ape aku jd miss?sbb aku asyik tgk n t'serempak tu yg buat aku t'ingat..klau x 1 fakulti kejap je dah lupe...ko kne kuat k