25 October, 2009

is it me or them wrong?

i dont know if me wrong or them...its been 8 month since i leave this problem...
a problem that will give me a very very very bad mud...and at that time dont disturb me...

seriously, i was think it is my fault or them, because as i remember i never break
any feeling of my frens..frenship is my priority in my life..i would never put them back
and just leave them alone...i willing to help them if i could...

i'm not saying that i'm a GOOD MAN IN DIS EARTH....but can u imagine
when someone that u thought as a best fren willing to 'kill' me...even my heart...
yeah...stolen someone that i love so much just a snap behind me...is it gentlemen???
many excuse give it to me...i dont want to listen it...!!

before this ,this man always say something bad about me and the girl..even to my other fren...
talking and talking bad about someone...but i'm just let it him doing his 'job'...because of fren..
I'm sick and tired look at this man...somehow one day i saw this couple ride togethr with his 'rempit' bike..

i was remember this girl said to me that she never ride a bike...ever...BUT the day i saw it, it makes me feel
she cheatin me..!!! arghhh i can't stand to look this people...seriously...even i forgive them but the
pain that they give to me so hard to take it out...

i wrote this bcoz want people who read this to take aware of this 'virus'...u have ur bes fren ever that u called..but when this happen, did u want to say 'best fren'?up to u...for me this is the first time it happen
to me and feel really REALLY hurt...i love them but this is what they give to me??

Now, i'm living in alone path...walking by myself...see people have their own partner...i'm not jealous but
i hope they not cheat to get love...when u want love, be gentlemen...untill now i'm still remember this..
especially to this girl...means a lot to me...but somehow i have to let this feeling flow away..someday..

p/s: i hope i can forget this thing forever...i dont want to remember them...but i hope they will happy

5 komen :

FaFaFa said...

awwwwwww. . . shah.
first time ever u wrote something emotional. not like me, everyday pun blogging emo2. haha.
Shah, kawan ni kadang2, kite tak tahu nak percaya ke tak. nak layan ke tak. it's true friends important, tapi kalau dah macam2 hal dia bwat. baik letak dia kat lombong kat India. hahahaha.

anyway, jangan sedih2 ye.
tons of fishes in the sea for you~
ho ho ho

hasni said...

hai shah
lama u xupdate ek
sedey nya bc entry u ni
awak akan tabah n kuat
that gurl
bukankah dia da tnjukkan sapa dia y sbnrnya?
awak berhak gmbra n dpt y lbh baik
all da best ok!

souledge said...

fafa: thanx fa...aku da fedup sgt..kdg2 purak2 hepi sbb xnak ingat hal ni lg..tp ssah sgt nak lupe klau aku t'nmpak dgn xsngaje..
hasni:thanx hasni..i will try as long as i can...lame xupdate sbb agak bz n line tenet problem..hehe

niNiE said...

shah...hidup ni kan ibarat roda...kadang2 kite pon kena rase sakit even bukan kite tang nak...i've experience this so many time...kawan baek ninie dulu konon nak satukan ninie ngan ade i guy yg ninie admire sgt2...in the end kawan baek ninie 2 yg dapat kapel ngan that guy sampai skang...remember this...'mencintai tak semestinya memiliki'...

souledge said...

thanx 4 ur advice...'m lost that time...study tunggang langgang sbb 1st time jd cmni..cm t'kejut..shah leh trima tp kdg2 sedih sbb sakit dhati ni lum hilang...